Dedicated to assisting organizations leverage value from their most significant and least understood asset - their data.

compliance, strategy, privacy, 

compliance, strategy, privacy, 

compliance, strategy, privacy, 

compliance, strategy, privacy, 

compliance, strategy, privacy, 

About Daethon

Daethon enables enterprises of all sizes to capitalize on investments in security, privacy and compliance and overcome the hurdles impeding their ability to transform fungible data into tangible product and actionable insights. Companies capable of achieving these milestones, soon realize new market opportunities and revenue streams through data monetization.

Daethon brings impressive experience from the arenas of data protection, crisis management, reputation management, compliance, governance, advertising technology and more but it is our commitment to integrity and service that outshines the value of our experience. At Daethon, we believe it is more important to understand than to be understood. We believe it is more important to listen first than to present uninformed solutions. The name “Daethon” translates from old Welsh as, “We came.” We believe that the biggest part of success is showing up and Daethon delivers.

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Data Strategy

Too few companies understand how leveraging the investments made in data protection and compliance can unlock the benefits of utilizing data as a strategic asset that can offer entrée to new markets and improved financial rewards. Many companies love to chant the mantra of “Data as an asset.” but few fulfill that notion. Given the enormous volumes of data that exist it is baffling that so few companies create alignments to become digital leaders. Data monetization is capitalizing on the data resources already in place to build economic benefit and create new market opportunities through strategic alignments where the currency of the relationship is data.

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Privacy Operations

Privacy begins with legal compliance but it doesn’t end there. While lawyers review the laws and interpret the requirements, they are not often tasked with the technical implementations needed to turn legal obligations into technical safeguards and, even less so, do it at scale. Operationalizing privacy obligations requires more than a compliance checklist. Daethon is able to provide decision support that is actionable, scalable, cost effective and relevant for any entity. Whether it’s Consent Management for a new product, Individual Rights Management that is automated and ready to scale or Data Mapping across a global enterprise, Daethon can help turn theory into traction.

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Contractual and regulatory obligations regarding data protection can vary by client, data type, service offering or jurisdiction. Daethon provides guidance on the selection of appropriate security controls and safeguards, understanding international data protection requirements and regulatory concerns, which may impact operations or investor confidence and consumer messaging. Daethon provides critical subject matter expertise and decision support to advise organizations that lack a dedicated privacy or security role. With experience on both sides of security incident investigations and breach response communications, we can provide insight that goes beyond mere subject matter expertise to accomplished trusted advisor.

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Other Services

  • Breach Response & Messaging Expertise
  • Contract Review
  • Cross Border Data Transfer Guidance
  • Cyber Security Posture Review
  • Data Mapping & Classification
  • Governance Decision Support
  • Organizational Policy Development
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Privacy Program Development
  • Privacy Statement Review
  • SEC Cyber Risk Disclosure Guidance
  • Security Investigation & Response Support
  • Vendor Selection & Management
  • Workforce Training & Development